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Years of experience and dedicated service can make a big difference.

Strong Beginnings

Our story begins three generations ago right here in New York City. The men of the Topper family, Milton, Howard and Jonathan, have been respected Master Plumbers for decades.

Milton Topper, Howard’s father, graduated in 1924 from Manhattan’s Baron deHirsh Trade School and spent his whole working life in the plumbing business. As a relatively young man he started Miltop Plumbing, the very first Topper family plumbing business, in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx.

Howard Topper continued the family tradition of getting the very best training available, learning the business, and then running the family business. He received his education at the Delehanty Institute, New York Trade School, and the Mechanics Institute in New York City and became a New York City Licensed Master Plumber. He was co-owner throughout the ‘70’s & ‘80’s of Metropolitan Water Service, one of New York’s largest water main and sewer contractors. The company was even involved in replacing several wooden water mains in lower Manhattan from New York’s days as New Amsterdam.

Exceptional Training

Jonathan Topper followed in his father and grandfather’s footsteps. He was trained at the Mechanics Institute and became a Licensed Master Plumber. He also rounded out his education by working in some of the larger plumbing firms in New York and New Jersey before joining his father in running Exact Meter Reading Corp.

Delehanty Institute, at Third Avenue and 11th Street, was founded in 1911 and by 1941 had already turned out 350,000 graduates. The Institute was a true powerhouse in New York City education, training not only plumbers but at one point training 9 out of 10 NYPD officers and 8 out of 10 NYFD firefighters.

The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York was founded when America was 9 years old, in 1785, by 22 men gathered in Walter Heyer’s public-house on Pine Street in Lower Manhattan. Society members included Andrew Carnegie, Peter Cooper and at least four mayors of NYC. The school that would become the Mechanics Institute was founded by the General Society in 1820. The Institute is still going strong today, and is the oldest privately endowed technical school in New York City.

The Company Today

These deep roots make a difference in what Exact has to offer its customers today. There’s continuity of knowledge and experience reaching back decades.

There isn’t much about dealing with water in New York City that wasn’t learned through first-hand experience by at least one of the Topper family Master Plumbers.

All that experience means there’s not much chance they haven’t already dealt with whatever might come up in your water systems. It doesn’t take too much experience just to read a meter. But when something unusual or unexpected comes up, which it does pretty frequently, having highly experienced professionals on the job can make the difference between a catastrophic situation, and avoiding one.